Biochemical Societies

The Biochemical Society:
Canadian Society of Biochemical and Molecular and Cell Biology:
Japanese Biochemical Society:
Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology :
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB):
International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB):
Federeation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS):
Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biochemists:
Pan-American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PABMB):

Biochemistry Lectures and Exams

Indiana State University : Biochemistry Lecture Notes
Undergraduate Program in Biochemistry at the Universty of Toronto:
Memorial University of Newfoundland : contains lists of past exams and lecture notes
Tables for Learning Biochemistry : tables to help learn and review Biochemistry
General, Organic and Biochemistry Notes:
Fatty Acid Synthesis & Modification:
Biochemistry Problem Sets & Tutorials:
Biochemical Engineering Lab Manual : a useful list with details about Biochemical experiments
Nutrition Practice Quizzes:
Biochemistry Lab Exercises:
Medical Biochemistry Exams:
Questions about proteins, enzymes and hemoglobin.:
Nedstat Counter

Aldrin's Biochemistry Resources


Atomic Spectroscopy: Interesting links for those in this area
Chromatography : Chromatography sites worldwide
Crystallography: International Union of Crystallography
Electron Microscopy : Research Center in Electron Microscopy
Electrophoresis: Electrophoresis sites worldwide
Fluorescence : Center for Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Mass Spectrometry : Very helpful to postgraduates in this field
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) : NMR sites worldwide
Analytical Ultracentrifugation : All you need to know about analytical ultracentrifugation.


BioMedNet: the world wide club for biomedical scientists : A good site for discussing current research

Journal Articles and Other Useful Sites

Medline access via Pubmed : The best site for finding references on the Net.
Scientific Journals :
Electronic Journals : Links to online journals
Biochemistry Electronic Journals (University of York Library) :
NetBiochem : A complete medical biochemistry center on the Net
Biochemistry Central :
BioChemNet: Many links to other Biochemistry learning sites
Advising Information for Biochemistry : useful for those deciding between Medical and Graduate School.
Pedro's Biomolecular Research Tools : Great Resource Site
List of Scientific providers:
List of Scientific publications:
Faculty of Medical Sciences, U.W.I.:
Metabolic Pathways of Biochemistry :
pI and Molecular Weight prediction : Compute theoretical pI and molecular weight of a protein sequence
Transmembrane Prediction : Prediction of transmembrane regions and protein orientation at EMBL
Translate : translate a nucleotide sequence to a protein
Restriction Enzyme Database:
Glycosylation: prediction of type O-glycosylation sites in mammalian proteins
Aldrin's Homepage:
Protein Gel Electrophoresis Tips and Troubleshooting Guide:
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Telemedicine glossary :
AACompIdent: Identify a protein from its amino acid composition
Virtual Classroom:
Subject-based listing of scholarly and professional e-conferences:
Searching for Jobs in the Biological Sciences:
Molecular Biology Protocols:
Boehringer Mannheim Corp.:
Aldrin's Favorite Biochemistry Sites:
Biochemistry Universities Around the World: