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Aldrin V. Gomes, Ph.D. University of Miami School of Medicine                                      

Students 2003/2004         


From Left to right, Sameer Verma (University of Miami), Ansel Amaral (University of Miami)


From Left to right, Amirah Khan (Miami Springs Senior), Shannon Knee (Dr. Michael Krop High School),

Gabriel Walton (Miami Northwestern High), Lisha Constantine (Shown Below)

Students Summer 2003         


From Left to right, Jai (Nova High School), Jennifer (Flanagan High School), Lisha (American Senior High)

Ellina Gendlina                                   Jaira Rivera                            Christina Cordero        Lisha Constantine

                                                    Students 2002/2003          

                                                                Students Summer 2002         


From Left to right, Carmen (University of Miami), Orlando (M.I.T.), Ivette (Barry University), Sameer (University of Miami), Ellina (North Miami Beach Senior High School,shown with current students)

                       Former Students 2001          

                      From Left to right, Ben (currently at Washington University), Katherine (currently at Stanford), Ellina and Liessel (currently at Cornell)

        2000   Cindy Achat, B.Sc Biology,   Armstrong University

     Graduate Student (Neuroscience), University Of Miami School of Medicine

             Worked on Physiological function of an isoform and mutant of Cardiac Troponin T


                    Liana Roa       - Miami Northwestern Senior High School

                                            Worked on degradation of Troponin T by calpain


Ben Farkas    - Miami Palmetto Senior High School

                       Worked on role of cardiac Troponin I in muscle contraction



                         Carmen Marimon  - Currently doing a BSc at University of Miami


     Edward Urea   - Currently doing a BSc at Duke University

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                                                                                                                    September 2003