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Electronic   Greetings

All the Sites you need to send great cards to everyone. Enjoy.

Greetings Galore

Vivid Electronic Greetings:
USA Greetings : Free Greeting Cards for all Occasions
Virtual Greetings:
Anancyweb Greeting Card links:
Link to us:
1001 postcards:
Hugs and Kisses:
Tease Me Greetings:
Hallmark Greetings:
Pier 21 Virtual Card Shop:
Virtual Vacation Destinations:
April Fools.Com-Make Your Own Headlines :
Negatron Sour Greetings:
Space Day Greetings:
Olleyowl Greeting Cards :
Welcome to Awesome Cyber Cards™:
Cyber-Postcard Center:
Animated greeting cards :